Homemade/Handcrafted Olive Oil Cold Processed Soaps, Lotions & Creams

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In 2003, Waltham native Donna Hughes watched a program called DIY (Do-It-Yourself) about how to make homemade gifts and one of the items was soap. This began an "addiction" that eventually led her to create so many different soaps that her home became over-whelmed with both the soap bars and their fragrances. She began giving soaps to family and friends. As time went by, these recipients wanted to purchase the soaps for themselves and their friends. So Donna took the next step and went into business. She added additional products to respond to customer requests , and now she and her husband, who works with her in making approximately 7,000 bars of soap yearly, as well as 100 bottles of shampoos, 500 bottles of lotion and 700 jars of hand/body creams. She uses only food-quality oils, to which she might add specialized nut butters or seed extracts to bring the desired qualities to the finished bar. Fragrance or essential oils are added for scent, and cosmetic- grade pigments, oxides, micas, ultra-marines or dyes for color. For texture herbs, spices or other natural ingredients are added.

Prior to making the soaps, Donna studied floral design. "Even though it has nothing to do with soap- making, it did teach me a lot about color, which helped in the soap color swirling process and also in some of the designs I use for my gift baskets". In addition to the Waltham Farmers Market, Donna sells at numerous festivals, craft shows and fairs throughout the state, as well as the Woburn Farmers Market. Her products are also available at www.watchcitysoaps.com, where customers can create their own combinations. So far, she has shipped products to 46 states in the U.S. and also to stores in Australia, the U.K. and Canada. And she’s still having good, clean fun!


42 Wyman Street @ Woburn Farmers Market at Spence Farm
Woburn, MA
United States
42° 29' 29.4612" N, 71° 9' 37.2492" W
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Donna Dees Watch City Soaps
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