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                                                           Do You Love Art?
                                 Do you like to draw, paint, Sculpt, Photograph?
                                                    Would you like to do more?
                                            You know you need to move yourself,
                                      to spend more quality time using your talent.
                                            When was the last time you did so?
                               Who answered all the questions you had about it?
                        Yes! You need to donate at least one night a week to do it!
                             Contact the Woburn Guild of Artists and ask for a free
                         App Package covering all the benefits the Guild has to offer!
                                               or go to
                                            Contact Joe Leto at 617-605-4673
                                                 The Woburn Guild of Artists
                                      PO Box 2704, Woburn, MA 01888-3407

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Joe Leto
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Woburn Guild of Artists
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P.O. Box 2704, Woburn, MA. 01888-3407
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