Your Personal "Dashboard" Works: More or Less?

We're more than 100 years into the powered vehicle era, anticipating great changes whose arrival time we cannot predict.  In every vehicle, there's an arrangement of info displays and vehicle controls that the driver can reach and view as necessary.  The arrangements vary, but not enough to make one think twice about borrowing or renting a vehicle now and then.

Thinking each of us has fashioned something like a dashboard for the various moves we make without vehicles, I wonder if I'd like to borrow yours.  After all, you might be a top-notch personal dashboard designer!  My wondering and curiosity about your talent generate a number of questions.  Please answer any of them by commenting here, if you will.  Participants might learn a lot.

What controls did you choose to include?  Have you found them appropriate and reliable?  What information must you have to live, work and play as you do?  How do you obtain it?  Do you fully trust all of your sources?  Are any of them here in Woburn?  Are you preparing to add, remove or replace one or some?  When did you last modify your dashboard?  Did yours ever put you in some kind of danger?  If it did, was that a motivation to modify it?  As a designer, how important to you is style?

Do you think it would be interesting or even valuable to learn about the personal dashboards of other Woburnites?  It could happen here, in comments, but you might have to go first or second.