For The New Mayor

I heard Mayor Scott Galvin address a crowd in the spectacular WMHS auditorium Monday evening after he took the oath of office.  I wish him well and hope that circumstances beyond the city limits don't force him to make many detours from his plans.  Highly cognizant of Woburn's advantages, he's made his plans commendably optimistic and ambitious.  The Daily Times Chronicle reported that he said "living in Woburn will become the absolute best value in the Commonwealth."

The event's printed program included a reminder that the previous two mayors in Woburn didn't remain in office as long as did  each of the ten preceding them.  I wish we could know what part external forces played in coloring and shaping the voters' perceptions of them and their challengers.  And, of course, I wish we could have a crystal ball for knowledge of what's coming at us with the potential for disturbance.

We don't have access to such knowledge, but many people in the world are confident that the way things are and the way things go are at unprecedented risk.  I've written about some of them, noting that we're at the end of key supply lines.  I emphasize that point because this Web site is concerned with helping people find what they need.  I would like to know that Mayor Galvin has assessed and is monitoring our vulnerabilities.  I hope he is considering new ways we residents of the city might participate in reinforcing, adapting and sustaining the best value in the Commonwealth.  Such internal moves are economic development, too.  Any that are fruitful and viable add to the resilience of the community.