Genius Is With Us. Let's Get With It.

"All too often genius is abandoned because it doesn't make us enough money." -- Matthew Kelly, The Rhythm of Life

My enthusiasm for developing a local, low carbon economy gets its primary juice from anticipation of reclaimed and blossoming genius.  THE ECONOMY, with its blind commitment to economies of scale, overlooks so much of it.  Unlike Irving Kristol, the godfather of neoconservatism, whose negative reactions to fellow soldiers in WWII* grew into a guiding light for enforcers of social divisions and stratification still plaguing our society, I believe in people.  I see humans not intrinsically flawed, but unique geniuses encumbered and distorted to varying degrees by artificialities based on and subject to choices, to design.  According to Kristol and his followers, the best people, according to their specifications, should dominate the remaining people.  Ironically and tragically, that's a notion that was at issue in WWII.  It seems Kristol was too busy seeing the splinters in his fellows' eyes.  Whatever the explanation, domination is naturally unsustainable.  It costs so much every day, in lost opportunities, stress and trauma, that we should give it up immediately, instead of waiting for the crash.

We can heal and transcend the costly divisions by saying "No thank you" to the self-appointed ones and designing to unleash genius in Woburn and surrounding towns.  From such focused efforts, ripples will go out, way out, for sure.  People everywhere are weary of and ready to redirect their investments (of all kinds) in structures that are in the way of unity and widespread beauty and genius.

* learned from the obituary published 9/18/09 by The Boston Globe