Business Closings in CT Set a Record

Sunday's Boston Globe included an AP item reporting that nearly 7,000 businesses shut down in Connecticut in the first half of the year.  That's a new record and 17% more than closed during the same period of 2008.  It means a substantial reduction in the number of Connecticut employers and in the state's ability to retain and recirculate dollars.  Such closings send disruptive ripples through communities within and outside of a state, adversely affecting health, safety, culture, crime and more.
I wonder how many of the owners were retiring, on schedule or somewhat early because of THE ECONOMY.  Hopefully, many of the younger owners have new -- and localized -- business plans that they can afford to execute via promising startups.  I hope to learn more about the closings, as well as the corresponding numbers in Massachusetts and some other states.  I assume most were small to medium-sized enterprises.
How vulnerable is your enterprise?  Does it, or its suppliers, reach for stuff all over the planet?  Does it push stuff all over the planet?  Does it have contingency plans for a situation -- or a new normal -- when such reach and push are considerably more costly or otherwise difficult?  Could your enterprise adapt and localize (more or less), or would shut down be the only way to go?