Community Lost as Pretense Sustains Denial of Interdependence

"Because we cannot ever be totally adequate, self-sufficient, independent beings, the ideal of rugged individualism encourages us to fake it.  It teaches us to be utterly ashamed of our limitations.  It drives us to attempt to be superwomen and supermen not only in the eyes of others but also in our own.  It pushes us day in and day out to look as if we had it all together, as if we were without needs and in total control of our lives.  It relentlessly demands that we keep up appearances.  It also relentlessly isolates us from each other.  And it makes genuine community impossible."    - M. Scott Peck, The Different Drum
Entire industries thrive on helping us fake it and on separating us into free-to-choose consumers.  A great deal of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions are associated with these artificialities!  With our own local economy, we can get real as producers of what we need in order to be a community.