No Guarantees For Any Venture

I've stated and repeated in the series for entrepreneurs that there is always a market in a locale for the goods and services that satisfy fundamental human needs.  My intention has been to highlight the relatively low-risk, high-local-value business opportunities most likely to give our area's own economy a complete and enduring foundation (or core).
It struck me that I must also acknowledge the truth that, in our (U.S.) system, market share must be won and won again.  Holding market share is a discipline, an activity, not an accomplishment.  Business is a contest; there are no guarantees for any venture.  That said, the scale of a local economy gives the various contests a different character, not only because the players are neighbors.  Market nuances, for example, can be honored rather than ignored, creating space for more producers and providers.
Availability of affordable fueled energies will determine so much, as it has for the last two hundred years or so.  As energy costs climb, opportunities for local producers will grow apace.