"More Millionaires Don't Feel Wealthy"

The Boston Globe today printed an item from Bloomberg News which reports that the percentage of millionaires who don't feel wealthy has doubled in one year.  I don't think they're using our definition of wealth, but I'm sure they are right.  The riches amassed by most millionaires are not wealth and cannot provide the same security or sense of security.
By the way, the additional amount the millionaires say they'd need is consistent with an older study I mentioned in an earlier post.  Everybody with lots feels he/she needs about twice as much.  Maybe the thinking is "half again would be a nice cushion and another half again would allow me to spring for what I've recently denied myself."  It may be something else entirely.  I'm reminded of the concept of velocitization, which says when we've moving down the highway at 65 mph, we will after some distance come to feel like we're crawling.
Local community wealth being an outcome of connections among unlimited beings, we can enjoy as much as we choose, not just twice as much as we have now.